Not all plastics are created equally

Not all plastics are created equally

 There are significant differences between bio-plastics, recyclable plastic, compostable and biodegradable products. 

Bio-plastics are made from renewable resources such as corn starch.

Polypropylene, which some blockout blinds are made from, is a plastic, and can be recycled. However, only around 9% of the worlds plastic actually gets recycled. 

These plastics may also be labelled biodegradable, however they still take 20-30 years to breakdown and release toxins as they do. 

Compostable products have two added benefits over biodegradable options. They break down much faster, many in roughly 90 days. They also break down into nutrient-rich products which generate healthy soil for the planet. 

If we continue to buy plastic products because they are marketed as "eco" because they are recyclable, we are still encouraging the production of more plastics.

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