Children's moods, testing + supplements

Children's moods, testing + supplements

Have you ever had days with your toddlers (or older kids) where you think “this can not be normal!"?


I have! Quite often. Don't get me wrong, we all have big emotions and sometimes lose our temper, but we were at the point where Mahli's school was calling me in to chat about his behaviour. He was never “naughty” or “rude”, he just didn't listen! He would also have big emotions at school and disrupt his class.


I just put this down to personality traits, like how he loves to literally stop and smell the flowers (which the school complained about because he takes off to pick flowers!) 🌺  I personally love all this about him, however when it's affecting other kids and effecting his grades, I needed to take action, and of course I want him to feel good. 😌 



The supplements we gave Mahli worked so well that I received a call from his teacher (and a huge jump in his grades). She said how amazing he is doing especially in tough moments, and whatever we're doing is working!



We did one Urine test and hair analysis (below) which showed Mahli has a genetic condition which strips the body of zinc and B6.  Zinc and B6 are essential for production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin (our happy hormone), melatonin (our sleep hormone), GABA (our relaxation hormone), and acetyl choline which is important for memory. No wonder his moods were all over the place!



His hair analysis also showed heavy metal toxins lead and copper. Knowing this, we can use supplements like Chlorella to bind to these metals and detox them from the body. This test will also show if your child is low in minerals too.


Supplements that are safe for kids to take without testing are -

-Magnesium (making sure it's a children's dosage) 

-Cod liver oil (vitamin A + D)


It’s best to get vitamin B's from whole foods before any testing (B12 in meat)


Gut testing is another great test which can even show the cause of many other ailments including moods. Here is a link to prebiotic fibres (the food for our beneficial gut flora). Gut health is super important.


Below are the tests available that are great for children (through your Naturopath

or Sandi is available from Jan)


Hairy mineral and heavy metal analysis $200

Urine for genetics mood test $80

Gut testing $160-$360

Food intolerance $160-$260


Find out more in Sandi's Bloom course,

Wild Bloom Children's Health Course 

discount code: Mahalo for $20 0ff


Books open for January for consults with Sandi


Here is the link to the live with Sandi and I (both naturopaths) on this topic. 


Here's to sweet dreams,








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