I will not compromise on zero toxins for aesthetics!

I will not compromise on zero toxins for aesthetics!

Hey there! Its time again to remind you, we DO NOT use toxic chemicals in our products. I will not compromise on zero toxins for aesthetics! Being an eco-product, it will degrade! It is only natural 🌱

👉🏼 I’ve had potential wholesalers mention that their blackout blinds have lasted nine years, yes, this is because they are plastic/vinyl, they will actually last for hundreds of years! 🤦🏼‍♀️

🪴 Our blinds are non-toxic, eco-friendly and industrially compostable. My main concern with creating Bloackout blinds was making sure they did not leach chemicals into the air while my babes slept. 

For our product, that means using an Eco, water-based ink. It is the chemicals in ink that usually would make them stick to a material better, so you will get some of the design peeling off our blinds. This does not affect of the use of the blinds whatsoever!

😤 Some blackout blind companies will also tell you their product is eco-friendly, because it is recyclable. ♻️We all know plastic water bottles are recyclable, but does that does not make them eco friendly. Did you know, only 9% of the world plastic actually gets recycled! 😳

Does this bother you? Would you prefer the ink not to come off your blind and have some toxins in the ink? Let me know below. ⬇️ (not that I’ll ever be changing it!) 🤣

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