My fave book recommendations

My fave book recommendations

Lewis Howes' new book, "The Greatness Mindset," inspires readers to unlock their full potential by adopting a transformative perspective. With actionable strategies and personal anecdotes, Howes encourages embracing challenges, embracing failure, and cultivating resilience. This empowering guide equips individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in every aspect of life. I loved the actionable tasks throughout. This is for anyone looking to transform their life and take action!

Vishen Lakhiani's latest book, "Zero Bullsh*t Meditation," offers a refreshing approach to mindfulness and meditation. Cutting through the fluff, Lakhiani presents practical techniques and scientific insights to demystify meditation. With humor and clarity, he empowers readers to develop a personalized meditation practice that enhances focus, reduces stress, and fosters profound self-discovery. This is probably the fastest I've ever read a book! (except for Untamed). I am loving the 6 phase meditation the book is based on, available for free on the Mind Valley app. 

In "Untamed," Glennon Doyle takes readers on a raw and introspective journey towards self-liberation. Fearlessly sharing her life's experiences, she challenges societal norms, urges authenticity, and advocates for embracing one's true self. This empowering memoir inspires readers to break free from societal constraints and live passionately untamed lives. THIS is the fastest I've ever read a book. Found it hard to put down. 

Abraham-Hicks' book "Ask and It Is Given" introduces the Law of Attraction and empowers readers to manifest their desires. With practical exercises and profound teachings, it emphasizes aligning thoughts and emotions to attract abundance and joy. This transformative guide encourages deliberate creation and unlocks the power of positive manifestation.

I haven't read Blink yet, however it has come highly recommended. Feel free to share you favourites and I can share them on Instagram in highlights 

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