Sleep is super important!

Sleep is super important!

We're big fans of quality sleep here at Mahalo Eco Blinds. That's why we created our eco-friendly, compostable blackout shades. Giving your babies (and big kids like yourself!) the sweet gift of sleep is such an underrated act of self-care and pillar of overall health. 

Sleep is important because it's when our bodies process all the things. Yes, memories and cognitive function is sorted and stored while sleeping, but our bodies are doing other cool things too. While sleeping, the body is processing any environmental toxins that you may have encountered through the day, repairing and growing new muscles and bones, and regulating hormones related to growth, stress, and appetite.  

Having a completely dark room is one of the most impactful ways to boost sleep quality. It used to be a bit of a pain to black out a room, but lucky for you, you know about Mahalo Eco Blinds. Even if your eyes are closed, our skin has photoreceptor cells that can pick up light. One study demonstrated that the tiniest bit of light on the back of the knee (not even in direct line of eyesight!) can have an effect on overall sleep quality. If you have any tiny lights from electronics in yours or your child's room, grab a tiny piece of electrical tape to cover it up.  


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