The Story Behind Our Eco Blockout Blinds

The Story Behind Our Eco Blockout Blinds

We might be totally biased, but we believe Mahalo Eco Blinds are one of the greatest things to exist and that every parent/adult them needs in their life.

They help your babies get better rest so they can grow, be healthy and happy, and have better moods!

Sleep can be stressful. Maybe not the act of actual sleeping, but the motions of getting ready for sleep can be overwhelming. If you can create a safe and calm sleeping environment for your children, you are one step closer to a well rested child.

Because so many hours are spent in sleep, it’s also important to be mindful of the products and materials that we breathe and that our skin touches. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are found in a lot of furniture, decor, and sometimes fabrics. While trying to find blackout blinds for our own family, we found that a lot of the products available on the market released a chemical smell.

That led us to create the product that we needed for ourselves - Mahalo Eco Blinds .

We’re on a mission to relieve some of the stress we experience around sleep - not only for our little babes, but for us big kids too.

You can rest easy knowing that Mahalo Eco Blinds are made from industrially compostable materials like cornstarch and the designs are printed with nontoxic ink that won’t release any chemical smells. It is because we use water-based ink, that some chipping in the designs can occur. 

Installing Mahalo Eco Blinds is easy and quick. They attach to your window frame with an adhesive hook and loop. Or use our Travel Stickers for for holidays, sleepovers or a great option for renting! It takes seconds to apply and remove, and folds easily for you to store when not in use. Check out our latest designs!

Here’s to sweet dreams,

Aliesha, Founder of Mahalo Eco Blinds

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