It's time for stress free sleep.

Mahalo Eco Blinds™ was established with the main goal of providing a safe and peaceful sleeping environment for families. Our blinds are non-toxic, portable & lightweight.

Sleep soundly with Mahalo Eco Blinds 😴

Why Mahalo Eco Blinds?

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Australian Designed & Owned

  • Zero-Waste Packaging

  • Family Owned

Sleep Soundly With Mahalo Eco Blinds

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We are glad to have you here!

Hey! Leash here, founder of Mahalo Eco Blinds together with my husband, Jaron. We are proud parents of two adorable monkeys, Mahli and Harlow. As a qualified Naturopath, I have incorporated my knowledge and passion into our eco-friendly blinds.

Mahalo Eco Blinds™ was established with the main goal of providing a safe and peaceful sleeping environment for families.

Behind The Brand
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Wholesale & Stockists

Mahalo Eco Blinds are available worldwide. Find a stockist near you or become a stockist here.

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Our Range

  • Blinds

    When it comes to sleeping or getting your kids to take a nap, nothing is worse than bright sunlight. You need dependableblockout blinds designed for sleep - not stress!

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  • Travel

    You can now travel with your favourite eco blockout blinds!

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  • Accessories

    Keep the light out with our door blackout, the perfect companion to our eco blackout blinds.

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A toddler in their playroom with a large window being covered by half a Mahalo Eco Blind to show how easy it is to let natural light into the room
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Before & After

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Get ready to



"Hi! I just stayed over at a friend's place that had your blinds and had to find out what they were because they worked INCREDIBLY!! The best blackout blinds I've experienced yet!

She sent me to your page and knew I had to get some soon!! Can't wait to have Mahalo blinds in my place"

I just set up the blinds at my mums house! They are seriously so amazing! And can feel them absorbing this hot Vic days! Keeping the room much cooler.

My husband is a shift worker and this has been a game changer. The room is completely dark. Can't see your hand in front of your face during the day with it.

They're up!! She hasn't had day naps for 2 weeks!! And she self-settled

Struggled to get Rosie up this morning for daycare lol. "No mummy it's still dark!!" Then proceeds to roll over and continue sleeping lol. If this was the weekend ... What a dream lol. These blinds are fantastic!

Staying in a hotel room and used travel adhesive to block out street lights in Melbourne CBD! So good thank you

It has been the best option we've tried (and we've tried a lot, including the very $$$ Sleepout curtain). Trust me when I say this thing WORKS!